Our UR Stay Apartments independent survey from guests and friends told us what they were looking forward to. Of course, seeing friends and family ranked the highest, but here are a few more on the wish list:


1. “Festivals – we were taking our daughter to her first open air festival to celebrate her 13th birthday.”

festival celebration


2.“Swimming – I live by the sea and can’t wait for the freedom”



3. “Sunbathing”



4. “Fishing – it’s a kind of different isolation without the nagging from the Mrs”



5. “All the postponed birthday parties to catch up on”

birthday celebration


6. “Trying on my wedding dress – the fitting could not go ahead”

bridal fitting


7. “Going back to work 

back to work


8. “Taking a long drive with the roof down and blowing the cobwebs away.”



9. “Keeping my promise and meeting up with people I have not been in contact with for years, but during this time, I have now rekindled our friendships”



10. “Not cooking”


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