Safety first as the doors start to reopen and gradually people return to their desks, counters, offices, showrooms and get used to correctly spaced work zones/booths or even hot desks. In the main the kids going back to school are keen to re-enter the formality of the classroom, the instruction from the teachers with eyes in the back of their heads, the banter and chance to hang out with friends, the moments of togetherness that help them develop confidence, formulate their minds, inspire them, share their opinions and forge lifelong friendships all whilst being educated. They give and take whilst they master their crafts and grow from strength to strength securing their future.

So, is it really that much different for employees, managers, directors and so on? The work place for those who have not been furloughed has been a kitchen/dining table, a box room transformed into an office, a laptop balanced on a tray or knees whilst you may have been propped up in bed or slouching on a sofa; appropriately or inappropriately dressed. So how keen are we to return to the mothership?

It seems that currently many grownups are contented with their new locational set up and feel the urge to mix and match dropping into the organisational hub maybe as and when, possibly once or twice a week, maybe monthly. This may be a good mix for some but will it last or will the convenience factor fade as we yearn for closer ties and links and miss the companionship that children so openly embrace. What happens when the weather changes and we have to move our office from the patio table to a gloomy room and videotelephony which has been a lifeline for so many, short-changes us for more personal conversation and deep connectivity.


We need to retain the community spirit at work with a balanced approach, otherwise this semi isolation may bring about mental fatigue and traits of isolation. How do we ensure that commerce still revolves, evolves;  not only remains, but grows and that we sustain a good healthy living that encourages creativity, opportunities and work for all who embrace it with open arms, heart and mind. Well there is the challenge.


Yet right now it feels like survival of the fittest – so how do we combat this unprecedented environment of fallout and discord. How do we return to work with renewed enthusiasm and gratitude and with foresight and a knowledge of how everything can change in the blink of an eye?


Theta Financial reporting carried out a survey of 2,000 staff and reports 57% of those surveyed said they did not want to go back to “the normal way of working in an office environment with normal office hours.” They are not ruling it out, just want it to be different, and highlighted in particular the concerns about commuting and using public transport. So, returning to the workplace needs careful examination including how best to address staff concerns whilst still operating effectively and considerately with wellbeing being paramount.

fighting covid-19 together

We are in a sensitive world full of amazing people and immense talent and we will get back on track together as a community, a united force, but maybe what is key, vital to the equation is the commitment and kindness and generosity that we have shared over recent months which must continue as we climb back on board, back to school, back to work and back to regrowth. Change is amongst us so let’s merge the best of what has come out of this pandemic with a new way forward.

Here at UR Stay Apartments we are waking the same tight rope with a balanced approach taking care of our team and reaching out to our guests in Birmingham, Manchester and Leicester and offering support wherever and whenever we can.

Take care, we hope to see you soon and thank you for your continuing support. 

Arif Malik


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