Dear Guests,

here at UR STAY we take the safety of our guests and staff seriously. Since the start of the

outbreak we have introduced a variety of measures to ensure a safe working

environment not only for our staff but, for our guests.

Cleaning protocols for cleaning staff

1. Ventilate rooms before we clean and 72 Hour Cleaning Rule.

To allow fresh air tocirculate for at least 20 minutes and leave all windows open during the entire cleaning

process. All full cleans will only be done 72 hours after the previous guest checks out.

2. Washing your hands thoroughly before and after each cleaning.

Use soap and water, and wash for at least 20 seconds. If that’s not possible, use a hand sanitizer with

at least 60% alcohol.

3. Clean, then disinfect.

Our cleaners Use detergent or soap and water to remove dirt,

grease, dust, and germs. Once the surface is clean, spray with a disinfectant. Let it

stand for a few minutes, then wipe. Note wipes and or paper towels to be used once

only per clean then thrown away.

4. Using the right disinfectant.

We use at least 70% alcohol based cleaning sprays, which are believed to be effective against the coronavirus. Paying special attention to

frequently touched areas like TV remotes, light switches, plug sockets, door handles,

small appliances, and white goods including fridges freezers, oven/hobs microwaves

and toasters. Which are also wiped down with anti bacterial wipes (which are then

disposed of after use).

5. Soft furnishings.

These include rugs, cushions, curtains and bed throws. These particular items are to be spayed with disinfectant and wiped down with a paper towel. If

a guest so wishes cushions and throws can be removed prior to a guest arrival.

6. Wearing of disposable gloves.

All our cleaners have been using disposable gloves per clean per apartment to reduce risk of cross contamination.

7. White goods and cleaning equipment.

The vacuum cleaners used by the cleaners are cleaned after each clean and the emptied out. White goods are wiped down with anti

bacterial wipes and cutlery / dishes are to be rinsed thoroughly in the dishwasher at the

highest temperature.

8. Linen items and towels.

All said items are professionally laundered with a 3rd party company at high temperatures. Which are then vacuum packed and delivered back to





1.  Check in agent to keep safe distance from guest.

Our staff have been advised to keep their distance when dealing with guests and to wear protective gloves

during check in procedure. We also now offer a self check out service. Details of

which will be texted to guest 24 hours prior to check out.

2.  Cleaning of keys.

All keys are disinfected once returned and also before handed over to guests.

3. Use of anti Bac gels.

Check in agents to carry anti bac gels on them at all times. For use before and after check ins.

4. Communication during guest stays.

We still aim to provide our high standard of service to all our guests. Although our reception area is closed to the public during this

time period. We can still be reached via email, text, phone and watts app and are at

hand to deal with any issues that may arise. As we will aim to deal with issues over the

phone rather than in person.

5. Well stocked apartments.

We want our guests to be safe when staying with us. Hence each apartment is stocked with enough Toilet rolls, towels, spare linen and cleaning

sprays for the guest to use when in house. As we appreciate a weekly maid service is

not needed during these times. Each apartment also gets its own bottle of Carex anti

bacterial hand soap (one per bathroom) to be used by the guest of that apartment only.


It is our aim for these extra measures during these difficult times provide a save environment for guests

staying at UR STAY Apartments. For key workers, NHS staff and for people wanting to self isolate.

Together we can overcome and beat the Coronavirus outbreak as we work together in unity during these

difficult and testing times.

Stay safe and take care.

Yours sincerely,


Mr Arif Malik

Company Director


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